Bangles (EP)
Released June 1982
Length 13:20
Label Faulty Products (1982)
I.R.S. Records(1983)
Produced by Craig Leon
Next All Over The Place (1984)

Bangles is the eponymous first extended play (EP) by the Bangles (at the time they were still known as The Bangs); it was released in 1982 by Faulty Products and reissued in 1983 by I.R.S. Records when Faulty Products went out of business.

Track listingEdit

  1. "The Real World" (S. Hoffs/V. Peterson)
  2. "I'm in Line" (D. Peterson/V. Peterson/S. Hoffs)
  3. "Want You" (V. Peterson)
  4. "Mary Street" (S. Hoffs/V. Peterson)
  5. "How Is the Air Up There?" (S. Duboff/A. Kornfeld)


The bandEdit

Additional musiciansEdit

Technical staffEdit

  • Craig Leon – producer
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